My name is Nigel Stewart,

I am an amateur photographer who lives in Nottinghamshire in the heart of the United Kingdom.

Photography is an art medium that I enjoy and embrace, it allows me to express my creativity and share the visual impact with others.

I manage all aspects of the process myself, from the initial image concept through to the on-location photo shoot. I edit and manipulate my images to create impact and visual pleasure then I produce high quality prints that are tangible and presented in a timeless format.

The image galleries in my site display a wide variety of photographic genres and I would urge you to explore the content and enjoy a visual experience.

I am a member of NOTTINGHAM OUTLAWS PHOTOGRAPHIC SOCIETY where I have received encouragement, advice and tuition and my thanks go out to the members of that society.

Why not take a look at their web-site and appreciate the skills of those photographers too.
Please hit this link....................... Nottingham Outlaws

Please browse my site and enjoy the visual content